Andrea Fagenholz


certified master hypnotist



Phone: 949-698-8343

Services Offered

Therapeutic Imagery

About Andrea

ypnotherapy was vital in my journey to leave a corporate job and find my life purpose. Letting go of my prior job and “credentials”, which I viewed as validation for what I was capable of, was absolutely terrifying. The confidence and clarity gained from my hypnotherapy sessions invigorated me and left a remarkable feeling that I wanted to share the power of hypnosis with others.

The practice of Hypnosis is to align conscious desires with subconscious patterns and beliefs creating opportunity for significant change and goal achievement. In session, the client has complete control of their physical and mental body. As the hypnotherapist, I am able to guide the client into a meditative like state and apply highly-effective techniques to assist in re-writing subconscious belief patterns. I specialize in relieving anxiety, facilitating self-acceptance, weight- release, relationship enhancement and overall mindfulness & wellbeing. I also have unique experience in successfully navigating career/life shifts.

Certified with Hypnotherapist Union Local 472.