Mandy HoldeN


Certified massage therapist
Certified transformational nutrition coach



Phone: 949-482-0443
Instagram: @a180life

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About Mandy

The human body is the most intuitive machine in existence – and everything is connected. When something is off, be it sleeplessness, inflammation or migraines, I take a holistic approach to get you back to right. 

With twenty years of experience as a Certified Massage Therapist, and more recently earned my certification as a Holistic Nutrition Coach from the Institute for Transformational Nutrition, specializing in lymphatic drainage and craniosacral massage. Many of my clients suffered from autoimmune disorders, so I knew a deeper understanding of nutrition’s connection to the body’s ailments was crucial.

This wider breadth of knowledge, coupled with my years of experience, empowers me to heal my patients wholly through bodywork, nutrition, supplement support and more.

My favorite part of the job? Making relaxation a reality.