Stage One – Alleviation

When someone comes into Magnolia Wellness OC, it is often because they are looking for relief.  Something often doesn’t feel right and they are ready to take action to correct the problem.  The first visit is spent discovering the cause of this imbalance in the body and then creating a treatment plan to alleviate it. Our goal is to get the body and mind back to a balanced state quickly – with each visit building on the last.

Stage Two – Complete Correction

At this point most of the pain has disappeared, but this doesn’t mean the problem is completely gone. This stage focuses on correcting the deeper, more hidden problems, and is crucial to assuring the pain doesn’t relapse. We continue to strengthen your body and build your wellness throughout stage two.

Stage Three – Maintenance and Prevention Care

This stage is undoubtably the most important, because it involves preserving all the progress made. We recommend monthly visits to tune-up your body, keep your mind healthy, and assure you are balanced. These visits can also catch problems while they are still in the infancy stage – preventing them from growing into something more serious.