My Summertime Natural First Aid Kit


Summer’s here and the kids are out of school. Travel, road trips, hiking and camping are part of our summer routine. With summertime, play comes owies, tummy upsets, bug bites, rashes, headaches, sunburn, and the like. In past summers as we’ve travelled, we’ve had a few cuts and scrapes, some headaches, motion sickness and sunburns. My preferred option is to turn to Mother Nature’s pharmacy so I created a first aid kid with bandages and wound dressing basics, but the rest are all natural remedies that are chemical free and I’ve found to be just as effective.

Aloe Vera- this gel calms the skin and eliminates irritation, it also has anti-inflammatory qualities and promotes healing. It can be used for blisters and smaller burns, too. Rich in antioxidants and beneficial vitamins, it will help regenerate skin faster and more efficiently than mainstream topical gels. JASON natural Aloe Vera Moisturizing Gel

Arnica– is available in homoeopathic ingestible pellets as well as a gel topical crème. Arnica helps reduce pain, swelling, and bruising and promotes wound healing by boosting circulation and exerting an anti-inflammatory effect. Boiron Arnicare Gel and Pellets

Comfrey Salve- is soothing and healing for cuts, bruises, scrapes, bug bites, rashes, hives and eczema. Herb Farm Original Balm

Calendula- is one of the best botanicals for healing the skin. The spray is helpful for all minor injuries of the skin, including burns, scrapes, cuts, etc. Wise Woman Herbs Calendula Spray

Activated Charcoal- I love activated charcoal for its toxin-drawing qualities. We find it extremely effective for painful bug bites and bee stings (mix some powder with coconut oil). You can also take in capsule form for almost any sort of digestive upset (gas, upset stomach, food poisoning, diarrhea, etc.). For adults, we swallow two capsules with water. For kids, we crack open a capsule into a spoonful of raw honey or applesauce to make the medicine go down. Country Life Natural Activated Charcoal


Essential Oil based Insect Repellents- are DEET free and have rosemary, Lemongrass, and Citronella oils, creating an all natural solution for keeping them away.

Other oils that are a handy remedy to keep with you at all times:

Peppermint - for digestion, headaches, motion sickness, seasonal threats, and cooling (for over-heated bodies)

Lavender - for relaxation/calm, difficulty falling asleep, applying directly to burns (both sunburns and from fire/hot water), insect bites.

Tea Tree essential oil - I use as a scratch cleanser (mixed with water), for rashes and skin soothing, cleaning/disinfecting while camping.

Eucalyptus essential oil - I keep on hand for respiratory type problems. We use eucalyptus herb in a face steam for congestion or sinus troubles and or the essential oil can be diluted with coconut oil or olive oil and be applied externally to the feet and chest to help open nasal passageways.

Coconut oil - I can never say enough about Coconut Oil and I really do use it for everything! From skin salve, to diaper cream, to makeup remover, to antifungal treatment. I keep some in the first aid kit to add to essential oils, to take internally, to use to apply tinctures and help absorption externally and for dry skin and chapped lips.

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Bridgette Roberts