The Bridge to a New Humanity


Unless you’ve been hibernating in a cave for the past year, you have undoubtedly felt the profound shifts happening with increased regularity on nearly every level of existence.    

While you may feel oh so ready for a break, you won’t find much of one in 2018. With continued shakeups on environmental, political, cultural and individual levels, I deem 2018 the “bridge to a new humanity” as we continue to leave older, more archaic ways of being behind and adopt more evolved – dare I say “enlightened” - ways of being.

While we haven’t fully crossed over to the other side, we are most certainly on our way.  

2018 Overview

Planetarily speaking, 2018 moves Saturn into Capricorn, Uranus into Taurus, Chiron into Aries and Jupiter into Sagittarius – along with some significant retrogrades in Mars and Venus. 

These planetary shifts inspire courageous action when it comes to turning our ideas and dreams into reality. If you’ve been wanting to build something but have held yourself back because it makes no sense or seems impossible to achieve, now is the time to turn up the heat. New forms, people and possibilities will literally show up out of thin air to assist you in birthing your vision. It’s up to you take the first brave step. 

2018 sees advancements and breakthroughs in many arenas including the worlds of agriculture and finance. Historical changes may challenge our current financial system and ask us to reevaluate how we spend, invest and interpret currency. If you’ve ever thought about starting a garden or growing your own food, now is a great time to get creative about how and where you spend your money. It may be wise to invest in small or local business and companies working diligently to restore resources on this earth.

For all of us global citizens, the days of being sloppy with our spending habits are no longer sustainable ways of being. 

The potential for continued environmental shake ups will undoubtedly test our communities and urge us to form stronger bonds with the actual humans we live amongst (and not just our friends and followers on social media). Making a genuine effort to connect with your neighbors, communities and the natural world will do wonders to support feelings of stability, resiliency and wellbeing. This will also be an important balance as advancements in technology and virtual reality expand exponentially. 

In politics, anything is possible. When we look to the stars we see that our current political climate is not surprising but rather, essential. Long standing policies and procedures are being dissected and reformulated to better align with our modern world and current information age. 2018 will likely bring a continued review of important sectors of society including health care and school systems. 

Find grounding in the heart

While our world continues to evolve through change, how do we remain optimistic, hopeful and grounded? With the North Node of the Moon in Leo, we are being called to connect to the most advanced, dependable and powerful system that humankind has ever known. 


Yes, that’s right, the human heart. Amidst the news stories, adversities and revolutions happening all around us, we can find ultimate comfort in the stillness of our own hearts. 

See your heart as the brilliant computer that it is, sending more signals to your brain than the other way around. This is a perfect time to commit to a daily meditation practice or learn mindfulness and breathwork techniques that bring focus and awareness into your heart and body. 

Breathing deeply into our hearts cultivates feelings of love and connection we hold for family and friends both near and far. Dropping into our hearts brings calm to the most frazzled of minds. Opening our hearts has the power to touch the soul of our greatest supposed enemy. 

So, the next time a news story, tweet or tragedy brings shock to your system, remain still in your heart. Anchor into the truth that love is actually all that exists and is all that we have control over. 

It is always up to us whether we choose love or hate, love or fear, love or worry.  

When we choose love, we choose a revolutionary new way of being.

May 2018 continue shattering our current ideas of reality so that the beams of our collective heart can breakthrough to a whole new world. 

Eugenia Krok

Eugenia Krok holds a Masters Degree in Counseling and Art Therapy along with a certification in Grief Therapy. As a passionate astrologer, Eugenia works one-on-one with clients internationally in addition to giving talks and providing mentorships for budding astrologers. To connect with all of Eugenia’s many offerings, go to

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