Safe Alternatives for Treating Kids’ Colds


The past few weeks have not been so fun in my house–a mix of persistent coughs, fevers, boogies and fatigue. From what I hear, I’m not the only one dealing with sick children. Hopefully, you’ve avoided the cough monster so far, but in case you should encounter it, arm yourself with these herbal remedies to help your littles get better quickly. Trust me, I’ve learned the hard way!



Lung Qi Jr. by Blue Poppy Herbs

When children catch colds, they often get coughs, sometimes dry, sometimes phlegmy, and especially at night. Lung Qi Jr. works wonders on those pesky coughing fits. It clears heat and transforms phlegm, stops coughs and wheezing, and supplements the spleen. Plus, it helps strengthen the LU’s (lungs) to avoid a cold if your child happens to be exposed to sick children at places like school, daycare or the park.

Translation: 2 droppers full orally every 2-3 hours, not to exceed 6 times daily.


Yin Chiao Jr. by Health Concerns

Yin Chiao Junior is a comprehensive formula, from Dr. Fung Fung, the noted Chinese herbologist, and specialist in pediatric herbal medicine. This empirical formula is based on 60 years of clinical practice.  These herbs perform many tasks such as clearing heat, cleaning toxins, harmonizing digestion, moistening the lungs, vitalizing the blood and tonifying the Qi.

Translation: 1 to 3 full droppers, every 3 to 4 hours, not to exceed 6 times daily.


Hyland’s 4Kids Cold’n Cough

This is the only cough medicine I have found that actually stops coughing in the middle of the night. This is a safe and natural homeopathic medicine that offers children of all ages comfort from the overwhelming symptoms associated with a cold without the stimulant and sleepy side effects found in over the counter medications. My girls even say it tastes good!

1 tsp = children 2 years to under 6
2 tsp = children 6 years to under 12 years

Take every 4 hours as required.



The advantages of these alternatives are that they are liquid form rather than pills. Especially in the case of herbs, it makes administering simpler. This is key as anyone who has tried to give medicine to a toddler will attest!  Not only do they provide a safe alternative to very strong western cough syrups but the formulations also contain numerous herbs to aid digestion.

Of course, staying hydrated is key. Hot water with lemon, ginger and honey and soups are both consumed by the vat in our house. And rest, rest, rest! Sleep is restorative time, so give yourself and your kiddos plenty of it.